A collection of links to art concerning labiaplasty, art and Vagina

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Since I made my own art labia / pussy / vagina paintings “The Most Natural Thing in the World,”  I have become increasingly aware of lots of other art projects on the same theme.I have chosen the best ones for you.Go have a look!

History of vagina art

Howard Halle has made a nice slideshow describing the “History of the vagina in art”. It states very clearly that the vagina always has played a big role in art.

Wall of vagina art project

Artist Jamie McCartney made The Great Wall of Vagina – an excellent International art project designed to change women perception of their body. It is truly a beautiful and strong statement.

Screaming vagina art

South African artist Reshma Chhiba turned a previous women’s jail in Johannesburg previously into a 39 foot high red fabric vagina surrounded by black fabric pubic hair that occasionally screams. Isn’t that just great :-)

Vagina photo art

Then of course we have Nick Karras coffe table book Petals – unique art photos of beautiful vaginas.

101 vaginas

Photographer Philip Werner demonstrates clearly that vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, in his beautiful pice of art: 101 Vagina: One Hundred and One Women, One Hundred and One Stories.

Pop style vagina

Huffingtong post features an article about Rokudenashiko, a Japanese artist depicting vaginas i a casual pop-style. Very refreshing.

Vagina mutilation art

And don’t miss the disturbing and beautiful drawings of a vagina mutilation operation made by Nooshin Rostami are truly political vaginal art. What did I miss ? Please comment!

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