Exhibition: The Most Natural Thing In The World

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Portrait of danish female genitales with visible labia. Pussy painting

The Serbian Painter has portrayed more than 50 women’s genitals for the exhibition “The Most Natural Thing in the World”.

Too many women have parts of their labia cut off because they mistakenly believe that their labia are abnormally large.

My friend, the Danish gynecologist Annemette Lykkebo and I have decided to take a stand against this new “fashion”.

I have painted images of more than 50 women’s genitals, some to order others on request. I think that the Vagina is the most natural thing in the world, and I want to show the wide diversity of “normal” with these paintings.

Annemette Lykkebo on her side have measured 250 female genitals. The result confirms that there are wide varieties of normality.

In our common vernissage for our common exhibition,  Lykkebo publishes the first figures from her study. Among other things one can learn that the average length of a Danish labia minora is 15.6 millimeters – measured on the outside.

Large labia are better

Annemette says: “The women approaching me and surgeons indicate different reasons as of why they want to get their labia amputated. And they all want them smaller than they are today. But actually large labia makes for greater sensitivity and more pleasure”. Her study shows that more than half of all women’s inner labia are so large that they hang out – making it perfectly normal.

I have been approached by several Danish women who wants their gender portrayed, typically as a gift for their partner. In comparison hundreds of women each year visits their doctor asking to have their labia cut smaller in surgery.

They believe that someting is wrong down there – that they are abnormal. Truth is that many of them are completely normal. As with noses, big toes – and penises – sizes varies quite naturally from person to person, but many women have a perception that only one size is right. In example many young women has the opinion that the labia minora is to be covered by the major labia. But actually it is just as normal that they hang outside. We know that from Annemette’s scientific study .

Labia Surgery

Labia Surgery is a worldwide industry in explosive growth, and in several countries the number of operations in the labia now greater than the number of breast surgery, says Annemette. This has worldwide caused concern among gynecologists because women changes their often completely normal bodies – often without even being informed about the consequences of the surgery.

We, an artist and a gynecologist, wonder why women’s self-image calls for surgery to change their bodies. And why the labia is next in line. For it is not safe to remove the labia. “It is not like having a wart cut off,” says Annemette Lykkebo. “Gender lips have an important role both for hygiene and sexuality. A reduction causes some women to be too open, which can easily cause an imbalance in the natural bacterial flora. Moreover, the surgery causes scar tissue and the skin’s sensitivity in the labia may be changed. One in twenty amputees declare themselves dissatisfied with the outcome.”

All labia are beautiful

But I don’t think it’s just about the body. This is about women’s self-esteem. I think that women choose amputation because they don’t feel “good enough”. However, surgery can not help the way you feel inside.

That is why I paint women’s vagina. To show them their beauty. For all vaginas are beautiful!

Photoshop surgery

Annemette is in contact with many young women who are considering amputation. They tell her that they mostly see other women’s genitals on the web and in porn movies. For young women often covers themselves when they take showers after gym.

But nude pictures of women often has the labia minora airbrushed out. And porn models typically has no visible labia. Consequently the girls has a completely wrong reference to relate to and this is a contributing factor to their desire for a surgical procedure. Annemette says that when she shows them pictures of completely normal genitals, they make a sigh of relief and realize that they ARE normal. Often they change their minds when they find out that there is nothing wrong with them. They simply choose not to take the surgery anyway.

And that’s the whole point of the our measurements and paintings.


November 7th : Opening

The opening Thursday, November 7 at 15 pm The press is welcome. Annemette reveils her study and I show my paintings.

World’s first scientific measuring of labia

The woman’s genitals are only sparsely described. Annemette Lykkebo’s study has thus received considerable international attention.
At the same time there are numerous studies, measures and international statistics describing the size and appearance of the male sex organ.

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