Exhibition: On Why The Danes Smile

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Derfor_smiler_danskerne_clDanes are known as the world’s happiest people. Is that why they smile, is it a cultural thing – or just due to the situation here and now?

I have studied and painted smiling Danes in bright colors over the past year. The result is shown at the Copenhagen Cultural Center November 8th 2013 through January 30th 2014.

There are many kinds of smiles in this world. I invite you to be even more open and attentive towards others in order to understand the cause of each smile.

A smile is always nice and always contagious. So one possible explanation is that someone else started it! But a smile can also express surprise or fear.

Danes smile politely

Danes often uses the “disarming smile.” And Danes uses the “polite smile” which people with a different cultural background can easily perceive as being false.

It requires more empathy than usual to understand why others smile. On the other hand , it is difficult to stop even smiling once you break the code.

I encourage you all to make the attempt. At the exhibition and every day.

The smiling paintings are accompanied by separate small canvases where you are invited to write your impressions of why the person on the painting is smiling.


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