Two vernissages in two days!

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When I came to Denmark five years ago I had the same experience as any other immigrant: from being a recognized professional in my own country  I was suddenly completely unknown. I was nobody and I had to start all over again.

But first of all, there was a new language to learn, and then a professional status to regain.

Now, five years later, i have achieved the first goal. I live in Copenhagen and speak Danish fluently. But more important: On November 7th I open my first exhibition in Denmark.

And the following day I open another one!

Two exhibitions in two days is extraordinary for any artist and I am so happy for this. I am really looking forward to show my pictures to the audience.

The exhibition “The most natural thing in the world” relates to the increasingly widespread fad that young women get amputated parts of their labia to appear ” little-girl -like” below. A rapidly growing phenomenon in the Western world , which I perceive as an expression of a sad lack of self-esteem amongst western women.

The exhibition ”On why the Danes smile” is critical of the Danish courtesy and the Danish smile that follows different rules than I know from “my part” of the world. It was really strange for me to experience the Danish polite smile, which often serves as a rejection rather than be an invitation for a conversation.

My next target is somewhat more distant. My education from the Serbian Academy certifies me as a teacher of art. I taught art for several years in a Serbian “Art High School”. But that doesn’t help me here, so no now  I am starting all over at the Danish Teachers Training School “Blaagaard Seminarium”. I look forward to teaching my first class in another four years.

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