12 October

Exhibition: On Why The Danes Smile

Danes are known as the world’s happiest people. Is that why they smile, is it a cultural thing – or just due to the situation here and now? I have studied and painted smiling Danes in bright colors over the past year. The result is shown at the Copenhagen Cultural Center November 8th 2013 through […]

4 October

Exhibition: The Most Natural Thing In The World

Too many women have parts of their labia cut off because they mistakenly believe that their labia are abnormally large. My friend, the Danish gynecologist Annemette Lykkebo and I have decided to take a stand against this new “fashion”. I have painted images of more than 50 women’s genitals, some to order others on request. […]

27 October

Derfor maler jeg kusse malerier (danish)

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I videoen fortæller jeg hvorfor jeg maler kusse malerier. Jeg har skrevet teksten herunder også: Mennesker har altid ønsket at være smukke Især piger gør sig umage for at være smukke; de bruger make-up, går i høje hæle, taber sig og meget andet for at være smukke. For et par år siden så jeg TV2′ […]