I am Dragana Debeljakovic. An artist, a teacher and a journalist.

Dragana Debeljakovic, The Serbian Painter in Copenhagen

Born on December 24th in Krusevac Serbia, I graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Department of Painting, in 1996.

My paintings can be found in museums in Krusevac and Ruma, Serbia.

My reality

I base my work on my belief that the world is exactly as we choose to see it:

Each of us chooses our own reality – consciously or unconsciously.
Your reality is as real as mine and any other.
Our choice of reality defines the way we participate in the world.
Our choice of reality defines who we are.

I paint with oil on canvas. I draw on my paintings. I use my digital brush on photos of my paintings. I print them out and maybe draw some more – you get the picture. The means are endless, and endlessly fun. The goal is always to share my reality with you.

Solo exhibitions

I took part in more than 30 group-exhibitions, and made the following on my own:

1998: Likovni salon Kulturnog centra Novog Sada

1998: Umetnicka galeria Narodnog muzeja Krusevac

2002: Likovna galeria Nova Forma Sombor

2003: Galeria Mazestik Stanisic

2003: Narodna Biblioteka Krusevac

2013: My Atelier, Copenhagen

2013: Copenhagen Cultural Center

2015: Galleri Dana Day, Molde

2017: Romsdalsmuseet, Molde

Rewarded “Best Young Artist” in the october exhibitions in Krusevac 1996.


E-mail: ddebeljakovic@gmail.com